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Platinum Audiolab cooks up all sorts of samples and loops into finely tuned, pre-mapped, instantly loadable production kits. Our fast download server can serve you a compressed 500mb zip file in minutes over a highspeed connection. We also offer mailed CD's almost anywhere in the world, all for reasonable prices affordable across all budgets. Take a listen to our demos to get a taste of our Platinum Quality! And take a look around our sample & loop browser to find the exact sound library you are looking for.
Instant Downloads

Almost all of our products allow you to choose an instant download delivery as an option. That means you don't have to worry about paying extra for shipping, import taxes, or packaging. What you get is all of the contents found on the disk, with documentation, sent to you instantly over a blazing-fast download server.
100% Royalty-FREE

There's nothing hidden behind long, boring documentation. We're pretty straight-forward on our policy. When you purchase any of our libraries, you are entitled to 100% Royalty - FREE use in your commercial and personal compositions as per our licensing agreement. Hooray for simplicity!
Quick Studio Tips

Having trouble getting a good vocal take? The four most common issues are: distance, projection, room character and ambient noise. Distance: the closer you are to the mic, the greater the emphasis on bass frequencies. Always finding yourself cutting the lo-end and trying to de-muddify your takes? Try stepping back atleast 5 inches from the mic. Projection: if your friends call you 'mumbles' its because you're getting vocal takes rivaling Shy-Ronnie... Speak Up! Room: reverb and room character can be added during mixing. Move the mic atleast 10 feet away from the walls in all directions. If possible, dampen the walls by hanging soft fabrics. Noise: turn off all unnecessary electronics (yes, that means your fridge as well). You may not notice the noise because you're used to it, but it'll show in your recordings.
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Platinum ya'll have been great on the support. Thanks for the help and of course the great sounds!

-- K. White
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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Are your sample libraries really completely 100% Royalty-Free?
  2. Are there any restrictions to the 100% Royalty-Free Policy?
  3. How does the 'Instant Download' service work?
  4. How long will it take me to download 1 sample pack?
  5. I was downloading my disk, but my internet disconnected and I can't resume downloading.
  6. How long does shipping take?
  7. Where can I find out the shipping cost?
  8. I want to buy an AKAI format disk as an instant download. How does this work?
  9. Which format should I buy? I'm having trouble deciding.
  10. Where can I find legal details, privacy policy and end-user license information?
  1. Q: Are your sample libraries really 100% Royalty-Free?
    Yes, our libraries are all 100% Royalty free for the original purchaser. Always look into the usage policy, and demand an explicit usage policy in writing. For our part, we GUARANTEE that we will always stay 100% Royalty Free to our buyers.
  2. Q: Are there any restrictions to the 100% Royalty-Free Policy?
    The only restrictions are common-sense restrictions: The samples are not to be distributed, repackaged, sold or resold in any form as part of a sample package or sample demonstration. Only original purchasers are extended the rights and license to use the samples within their compositions as per the license agreement disclaimer provided within the product documentation.
  3. Q: How does the 'Instant Download' service work?
    Just as you would expect. You can purchase most of our products as either instant downloads, or a physical package that you will receive in the mail. Instant downloads contain the exact same material as the mailed packages, but are in compressed format (.zip / .rar). Upon completing checkout, you will receive an email with your own unique username and password that you can use to login to our site and download the product(s) you purchased
  4. Q: How long will it take me to download 1 sample disk?
    It depends. The average disk size when compressed is between 300MB-400MB. Across a highspeed internet connection, you should be able to download it within 5-15 minutes. We've noticed average transfer speeds of about 800kb per second.
  5. Q: I was downloading my disk, but my internet disconnected and I can't resume downloading. What should I do?
    File resuming software is not supported by our download service. Please make sure your internet connection is stable and simply re-try your download.
  6. Q: How long does shipping take?
    Instant Download is, of course, instant - but shipping anywhere in the world takes between 4-7 business days. Most orders ship out within 24 hours after payment is received.
  7. Q: Where can I find out the shipping cost?
    Our shipping rates are generally $4.95 for domestic shipments (US / CANADA) and $7.95 for overseas shipments (EUROPE / ASIA / UK / AUSTRALIA). You will be able to choose your shipping option from the product/order page.
  8. Q: I want to buy an AKAI format disk as an instant download. How does this work?
    All AKAI formatted disks available for instant download are compressed (.zip) as an ISO. Upon downloading the zip file, you simply decompress and then burn it using your own burning software, or by using the free material provided within the instructions. All you need is a cd-burner and a CD-R. If you don't need to use your AKAI disk in a hardware sampler, you have the option of using mounting software (daemon tools, alcohol, etc) instead.
  9. Q: Which format should I buy? I'm having trouble deciding?
    Each format has its advantages and disadvantages. You can start by checking the compatibility list provided in the Format Selection order page, and choose the format that works best with your particular hardware/software setup. The most universally compatible format is still the proprietary AKAI S1000/S3000 format. However, if you intend to use the wav files in a wide variety of software applications, then you will have to use a 3rd party program to extract the wav files from the AKAI disk. The Software Sampler Multiformat option has a very high compatibility rate amongst software samplers and the wav files are freely accessible right away. The Soundfont and Giga formats also have very high compatibility rates amongst software samplers, but you will have to extract the wav files if you want to use them as well.
  10. Q: Where can I find legal details, privacy policy and end-user license information?
    This is the official legal information as applies to all Platinum Audiolab products and services. LICENSE: All sample, loop and preset sound libraries are licensed (not sold) to the original purchaser ONLY. The license permits use of the contents of the library purchased towards incorporation within any original works. You may not, however, release the product demonstrations and pre-arranged compositions as your own, and you may not use any provided demonstration, sample, or composition as a component of another sample library. No additional clearances are necessary - though credit is appreciated. This license is NOT transferrable to any other 3rd party entity, and is not resellable during or after use. Additional users will also require additional purchase of license. Only Platinum Audiolab, and its established retail affiliates, are the authorized providers of the said products and services. All products are copyright Platinum Audiolab; All rights reserved. LIABILITY: Any product and service purchased from Platinum Audiolab is without warranty or guarantee towards any particular fitness for purpose. Platinum Audiolab and its retail affiliates cannot be held liable for any damages, financial or personal loss either through use or misuse. We do not issue refunds for digital products and services (because the items can be digitally copied), however, replacements may be issued if a physical product or service is purchased and becomes damaged or lost in transit. PRIVACY: Platinum Audiolab does not share any information obtained from our licensed users, subscribers or digital contacts. No financial information is received or stored on our servers. All financial information used to process payments with Paypal are solely in possession of Paypal and the buyer's financial creditors. WE DO NOT RECEIVE OR PROCESS YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION - if used, that information is only sent to 3rd party payment processor Paypal Inc, via Paypal's secure login page. The only information stored on our servers is the buyer's name, country and email address as well as the automated account information used to provide the customer with his or her downloadable purchase and purchase information.
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