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Platinum Audiolab cooks up all sorts of samples and loops into finely tuned, pre-mapped, instantly loadable production kits. Our fast download server can serve you a compressed 500mb zip file in minutes over a highspeed connection. We also offer mailed CD's almost anywhere in the world, all for reasonable prices affordable across all budgets. Take a listen to our demos to get a taste of our Platinum Quality! And take a look around our sample & loop browser to find the exact sound library you are looking for.
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Almost all of our products allow you to choose an instant download delivery as an option. That means you don't have to worry about paying extra for shipping, import taxes, or packaging. What you get is all of the contents found on the disk, with documentation, sent to you instantly over a blazing-fast download server.
100% Royalty-FREE

There's nothing hidden behind long, boring documentation. We're pretty straight-forward on our policy. When you purchase any of our libraries, you are entitled to 100% Royalty - FREE use in your commercial and personal compositions as per our licensing agreement. Hooray for simplicity!
Quick Studio Tips

You gotta get your track mastered LOUD, right? Well, most expect their tracks to sound on par with commercial releases nowadays. If you're preparing your own master be sure to have a commericially produced reference track alongside your own in your mastering mixer. You will want to constantly A/B between your mix and the professional mix to see how close you are getting. For this, make sure each track is sent to separate software outputs - as that way you can keep your mastering FX separate from your reference track. If you don't have additional software outputs available, you could put your mastering FX temporarily in the track insert FX rather than the master output. If you find this all too much, you could always Order Online Mastering.
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Yeah! Most definately you are gonna be my secret weapon in samples and sounds in Ghana. Thanks Platinum!

-- S. Yeboah
  Order Online Mixing
Order Online Mixing
  ADD Vocal Correction ($39.95) What's This?
  ADD Special Editing ($39.95) What's This?
  ADD Drum Replacement ($39.95) What's This?
  ADD Mastering ($39.95) What's This?


Too often it happens that song writers create great tracks that never reach their listening potential because the technical execution in the mixing doesn't meet the expectation of modern ears. Let's face it, in the age of the ipod, you need everything on your side to get your song to stand out to the listener. That's where we step in. By ordering Online Mixing, you will get a professional mix engineer to meticulously craft the parts of your song into a seamless whole.

Each stem will receive its own balance of equalization, compression, panning, amplification, stereo imaging, spacial dimension (reverb), and added enhancements such as analog warmth and saturation, and aural exciter, where needed. For more intensive operations you can purchase added services like Vocal Correction, Drum Replacement, Special Editing and Mastering.

With over 15 years of hands-on studio expertise, and having mixed and mastered music for just about every genre, Platinum Audiolab is proud to bring our quality and attention to detail to an affordable online market. You will receive top-quality mixes in .wav format ready for distribution on CD, and you will also receive them in a high quality mp3 format for instant sale on itunes or any other digital distribution. One of our unique features is that keep you informed of every detail of your track from start to finish. We can even provide free consultation before your purchase any mixing package so as to determine the best possible gameplan to achieving the results you want. For further info, just contact us through our support section.