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Platinum Audiolab cooks up all sorts of samples and loops into finely tuned, pre-mapped, instantly loadable production kits. Our fast download server can serve you a compressed 500mb zip file in minutes over a highspeed connection. We also offer mailed CD's almost anywhere in the world, all for reasonable prices affordable across all budgets. Take a listen to our demos to get a taste of our Platinum Quality! And take a look around our sample & loop browser to find the exact sound library you are looking for.
Instant Downloads

Almost all of our products allow you to choose an instant download delivery as an option. That means you don't have to worry about paying extra for shipping, import taxes, or packaging. What you get is all of the contents found on the disk, with documentation, sent to you instantly over a blazing-fast download server.
100% Royalty-FREE

There's nothing hidden behind long, boring documentation. We're pretty straight-forward on our policy. When you purchase any of our libraries, you are entitled to 100% Royalty - FREE use in your commercial and personal compositions as per our licensing agreement. Hooray for simplicity!
Quick Studio Tips

You gotta get your track mastered LOUD, right? Well, most expect their tracks to sound on par with commercial releases nowadays. If you're preparing your own master be sure to have a commericially produced reference track alongside your own in your mastering mixer. You will want to constantly A/B between your mix and the professional mix to see how close you are getting. For this, make sure each track is sent to separate software outputs - as that way you can keep your mastering FX separate from your reference track. If you don't have additional software outputs available, you could put your mastering FX temporarily in the track insert FX rather than the master output. If you find this all too much, you could always Order Online Mastering.
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  Online Mastering Package
Online Mastering
- Please select the number of tracks you want mastered.

Every mix, no matter how well-produced, needs to be mastered at the final stage - that is, properly EQ'd, leveled and optimized for clarity and fullness of sound across a wide variety of listening platforms.

Ever wonder why you can never seem to get your mixes sounding as good as commercially released music? Ever try to put that finishing touch on your tracks yourself, only to realize that the results are maddeningly inconsistent depending on listening source and environment? The difference is often in the mastering, and achieving a delicate balance that produces good results across a wide variety of listening environments requires a lot of experience.

With over 15 years of hands-on studio expertise, and having mastered music for just about every genre, Platinum Audiolab is proud to bring our quality and attention to detail to an affordable online market. It doesn't matter if you only need 1 single, an EP, or a full-length mastered. You will receive top-quality masters in .wav format ready for distribution on CD, and you will also receive them in a high quality mp3 format for instant sale on itunes or any other digital distribution.

Tracks Price Per Price Total Savings
1 $39.95 $39.95 N/A
2 $37.95 $75.90 $4.00
3 $35.95 $107.85 $10.95
4 $33.95 $135.80 $24.00
5 $29.95 $149.75 $50.00
6 $28.95 $173.70 $66.00
7 $27.95 $195.65 $84.00
8 $26.95 $215.60 $104.00
9 $25.95 $233.55 $126.00
10 $24.95 $249.50 $150.00
11 $24.95 $274.45 $165.00
12 $24.95 $299.40 $180.00
13 $24.95 $324.35 $195.00
14 $24.95 $349.30 $210.00
15 $24.95 $374.25 $225.00


After choosing the Mastering Package you wish to purchase, you will receive an automated email containing instructions on how to prepare your track(s) for us before uploading to our server. You will also receive a link to our upload area where you will be able to give us your info and special instructions if needed, and upload your tracks to us. You will also get a confirmation that we have received your tracks and will get to work on them within 24 hours.

You will receive an email when your masters are ready and you can go back to your client area to download the masters. After listening to the results, if you are not 100% satisfied, we will revise the master, based on your revision requests. Virtually all of our customers are thrilled with their results, so we have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Mastering involves working on a single mixdown file, and all individual track levels and editing must be done before the mastering stage. If you need professional mixing of your individual tracks, then you should consider purchasing our mixing package, which also includes final mastering. For more info on our mixing packages, go to our online mixing order section.