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Platinum Audiolab cooks up all sorts of samples and loops into finely tuned, pre-mapped, instantly loadable production kits. Our fast download server can serve you a compressed 500mb zip file in minutes over a highspeed connection. We also offer mailed CD's almost anywhere in the world, all for reasonable prices affordable across all budgets. Take a listen to our demos to get a taste of our Platinum Quality! And take a look around our sample & loop browser to find the exact sound library you are looking for.
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Almost all of our products allow you to choose an instant download delivery as an option. That means you don't have to worry about paying extra for shipping, import taxes, or packaging. What you get is all of the contents found on the disk, with documentation, sent to you instantly over a blazing-fast download server.
100% Royalty-FREE

There's nothing hidden behind long, boring documentation. We're pretty straight-forward on our policy. When you purchase any of our libraries, you are entitled to 100% Royalty - FREE use in your commercial and personal compositions as per our licensing agreement. Hooray for simplicity!

Another great transaction!
The most you can hope for from a sample CD is a quality audio sample that is organized well, and provided by a professional company. Thank you!

-- T. Palmquist
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When using compression, start off with a ratio of about 2:1 or 3:1 and lower the threshold until you start heairng evening between the loudest parts and quietest parts. Why is it called a "ratio"? Here's a useful way to understand ratio. A 3:1 ratio means it takes 3db of gain above the threshold setting to produce a compressed gain result of 1db.
  Premium Hip Hop Beats In HD
Premium Hip Hop Beats In HD Sample Library
  • ACID
  • REX2

Delivery: Instant Download
CATEGORY: Hip Hop, Drum Loops, Beats, Mixed and Stem
DESCRIPTION: Premium Hip Hop Beats In HD is a large collection of unique, ultra-modern sounding hip hop beats in various tempos, loop sliced for precise tempo matching. This pack contains full beat loops along with a roll-yer-own assortment of kick snare combos, hat loops, perc loops, and snare rolls. All loops are in HD 24-bit quality so you can hear expansive, detailed sound character.
  • Over 130 unique hip hop drum loops
  • Full Beats Kick Snare Combos Hat Loops and Snare Rolls
  • Ultra Modern Sound in glistening 24-bit quality
  • Various tempos with slicing for precise tempo matching
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Sample Based iOS X X S
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