Ohm Studio. Future Of Online Music Collaboration?

Ohm Studio is the newest release from veteran plugin manufacturer Ohm Force. It’s being billed as a collaborative DAW environment similar to Cubase, Reason, Logic, etc, except that you can freely browse the online boards through the application to find open mixing projects that you can lend a hand to, or of course start your own projects and allow others to add their twist to it. Very exciting indeed. The application is still in beta so as of now you can try it out by going to http://www.ohmstudio.com

A cursory glance proves promising, although their are a lot of issues needing to be ironed out. One of the most glaring issues is plugin consistency when loading the project across different users. VST plugins are supported, but unless any 2 users share the exact same plugins, the project will open without some of those key ingredients for 1 of those users. VST support is also a bit buggy at the moment, leading to crashes and freezing but that probably won’t be an issue since the product is still in beta.

To Ohm’s credit, they appear very open to input while they are still working out the kinks. Helpful support seems to be always available in the in-application instant messaging system, and you get the feeling that Ohm is banking a lot on the success of the product. Let’s hope this platform proves to be a success as its bound to open up countless avenues for music production going forward.