The Prime Mover

There is nothing more exciting than the first blog post. So… what’s this blog about, you ask? The header tag-line pretty much sums it up: this space is all about keeping you up to date on the latest interesting, provocative, and helpful information in the world of modern music recording. We will have a lot of reviews, mostly to do with recently released apps for desktop and IOS daw users. There will also be regular installments in a series of Platinum Audiolab tutorials.

If you have any special requests for tips, tricks and general studio sound-shaping advice, this is probably the best place to get your answer published. To that end we encourage you to post your comments and open up the lines of communication with us and others. We can all get along, right? Of course we can, its music. And who ever makes a sport out of building dividing lines amongst music styles…? Ok, other than absolutely everybody on the internet – with fingers crossed this can turn out to be one of the few guiding lights of thoughtful discussion.

Now to get to that first ACTUAL post…