Integrating iOS Apps Just Became a Reality With Audiobus

Like a lot of musicians today, you probably have an iPad filled with really cool apps in and of themselves, but struggle to find a way to bring them together into your recording workflow. You realize, for example, that Animoog sounds fantastic, but without a way to integrate it with your other iPad apps it’s on its own little island. Thankfully it appears that that is all changing with the introduction of AUDIOBUS.

Delivering the promised land of iOS app integration is no small feat but early reviews are showing that we may just have a winner. The app works by routing your individual apps as input and output busses to and from eachother. So you can, for instance, load up a drum machine like iELectribe and while you have that beat going, open up a synth app and compose a line and then bring them all together in a recording app like Multitrack DAW for a fully multitrack recordable session. You can then export those output busses to a mangler tool like Loop Twister or GlitchBreaks and then resend them back. Same goes for FX modules (finally, a practical way to make use of iKaossilator!)

This app has just became available as of Dec, 2012 but is already supported but many of the most popular apps on the AppStore. Time will tell, but it’s virtually certain that all of your favorite app developers will come aboard and issue updates to allow compatibility with AUDIOBUS.

Check out AUDIOBUS in the AppStore, or take a look at some videos below showing it in action.