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Platinum Audiolab cooks up all sorts of samples and loops into finely tuned, pre-mapped, instantly loadable production kits. Our fast download server can serve you a compressed 500mb zip file in minutes over a highspeed connection. We also offer mailed CD's almost anywhere in the world, all for reasonable prices affordable across all budgets. Take a listen to our demos to get a taste of our Platinum Quality! And take a look around our sample & loop browser to find the exact sound library you are looking for.
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Almost all of our products allow you to choose an instant download delivery as an option. That means you don't have to worry about paying extra for shipping, import taxes, or packaging. What you get is all of the contents found on the disk, with documentation, sent to you instantly over a blazing-fast download server.
100% Royalty-FREE

There's nothing hidden behind long, boring documentation. We're pretty straight-forward on our policy. When you purchase any of our libraries, you are entitled to 100% Royalty - FREE use in your commercial and personal compositions as per our licensing agreement. Hooray for simplicity!
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Having trouble getting a good vocal take? The four most common issues are: distance, projection, room character and ambient noise. Distance: the closer you are to the mic, the greater the emphasis on bass frequencies. Always finding yourself cutting the lo-end and trying to de-muddify your takes? Try stepping back atleast 5 inches from the mic. Projection: if your friends call you 'mumbles' its because you're getting vocal takes rivaling Shy-Ronnie... Speak Up! Room: reverb and room character can be added during mixing. Move the mic atleast 10 feet away from the walls in all directions. If possible, dampen the walls by hanging soft fabrics. Noise: turn off all unnecessary electronics (yes, that means your fridge as well). You may not notice the noise because you're used to it, but it'll show in your recordings.
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Massive sounds! No hiss or pops! Well worth the buy! Thanks!

-- Rickstarr
  Club Thumpin Drums [ZIP DISK]
Club Thumpin Drums [ZIP DISK] Sample Library
CATEGORY: Dance, Club, Drums, Bass, Chords/Pads, Stabs
DESCRIPTION: Here by popular demand, Platinum Audiolab presents our select Club, Dance, Trance and Hip Hop sounds on Zip Disk exclusively for Akai MPC2000/XL/MPC3000/MPC4000 Samplers. Right out of the box you have perfectly rounded, pumping kicks, pristine hats and percussion, snappy snares and a ...

Mid-Side Processing Basics
Mid Side ProcessingYou’ve probably been hearing a lot about mid-side processing and are thinking, “great, one more thing I have to learn just to make my tracks presentable.” Well, not really. MS processing is just another tool you can use to add depth to, or clean up, your mixes and in practise it is just another way to apply the fx and mixing routines you are allready familiar with. MS processing at its base is simply a different way of splitting up a stereo signal...
Sidechain Compression Uses
sidechain compression tutorialFor its fancy sounding name and esoteric roots, sidechain compression is an extremely simple studio technique both in principle and practice. What is sidechain compression? Basically, it is the same as ordinary audio compression except that it uses another audio source as its input, and then uses the resulting gain reduction on the destination audio track...
Combating Listening Fatigue
Combat listening fatigue mastering mixingListening fatigue is a concept familiar to almost anyone with longterm mixing experience. Even if you are not familiar with the term, chances are you have experienced it in your music making journey. It is often subtle (you have trouble determining what is wrong with your mix) and insidious (you think your mix is going great only until coming back to it with fresh ears, realizing the balance is way out of whack)...
In Search of Higher Quality Audio
Pono Player, The Search for High Resolution AudioRecord producers are always trying to get an edge over competition and will try any trick in the book to improve the perceived quality of their recordings. Witness the mastering limiter, SA-CD, surround sound, exciters, et al. All of those either lost favor, never took hold, or became self-limiting in the case of the loudness wars (wonky engineering pun intended). Now we stand at a crossroads in regards to the next great leap in sound quality technology...
Verse To Chorus: Solving The Awkward Transition...
transition a to bOne of the most aggravating things to deal with when writing a song is coming up with proper transitions, usually between verses and choruses. However, transitions can also occur as key changes, progressions, and tempo changes. This is not an exhaustive tutorial on the subject matter but rather an overview of some of your options. Regardless of what kind of change you are dealing with, you should always consider an intermediary change, or bridge...